Do you like living near the ocean? There's nothing like the smell of salt water in the air and the hypnotic vision of ocean waves, as they forever come at you. Living on a lake is also special as you are close to all kinds of fun water activities. Condo life near the water is the dream of many people because condos require little home maintenance. However, waterfront condo insurance is quite different from standard homeowner policies and is also different from standard condo policies. If you are not aware of these differences it could cost you dearly. Let's take a look at the example case of George and Mira B.

George worked very hard for 40 years and he wanted to retire by the water. George didn't want to take care of home upkeep. Instead he envisioned spending his days on the golf course, and a condo on the coast was his idea of heaven on earth. George and his wife Mira were planning on moving to a beautiful condo near West Palm Beach, and it was the perfect home for their needs.

When George talked to the real estate salesperson they discussed things like condo owners insurance and George thought the condo association took care of all the insurance for a monthly or annual fee. However, his real estate person told him this kind of insurance is not all encompassing and he should contact an insurance specialist to make sure he had full protection.

George was not sure who to call, so the real estate person gave him the number of an independent insurance agent. This person was very familiar with the needs of condo owners and things like waterfront condominium insurance. George wanted to save money on insurance so he ignored the real estate person's advice and checked out a discount insurance provider online. When Mira found out she was livid, and she told him that insurance is no place to scrimp, because he was taking chances with their future. George didn't want to incur the wrath of his wife so he set up an appointment with the recommended insurance agent.

George and the insurance agent went over all his risk factors and the agent presented him with a comprehensive insurance package that provided complete protection. George learned a lot about condo insurance that day and was very glad he listened to his wife. Once again, she was the voice of reason.

Six months later, a fire started in George and Mira's condo and spread to two other units, creating significant damage. Had George went the "cheap route" with insurance, he would not have received the benefits of fire liability protection. This coverage paid for the damage to the other units and prevented lawsuits and major financial losses.

What Is Waterfront Condo Insurance?

Waterfront condo coverage is specially designed insurance for condos near the ocean or a body of water. It is there to cover the gaps in condo association insurance policies and hazards unique to coastal properties in Florida.

Who Needs Waterfront Condo Coverage?

Do you live in a condo? Is it at or near a body of water? You need an insurance policy customized to your situation. When you buy a condo, you pay for insurance provided by your condo association. However, this kind of insurance is not all encompassing and is mostly designed to protect the condo building from potential hazards.

Standard Waterfront Condominium Insurance Policy

A standard policy for condos is called a "bare walls in". This means it protects the building and that is about it. It will not cover contents nor even plumbing or electrical wiring in your unit.

If you have a "bare walls in" policy you'll need to make sure your home interior is protected. You'll also need home contents coverage including furnishings and personal possessions. Plus, fixtures like sinks, cabinets, and lighting, will need insurance protection.


If your condo association has "all in" insurance, you won't have to worry about adding a lot of options. However, you'll want to read the policy very carefully to see what is and what is not included.

Chances are your standard condo association policy does not provide liability insurance. You'll need home liability protection in case someone is injured inside your condo.

You'll also need to check to see what kind of hurricane and flood insurance you have. This is where an experienced insurance professional can be an invaluable aid.

How to get the Right Waterfront Condo Insurance in South Florida

Unless you are experienced with risk management and condominiums, you should seek out experienced insurance specialists like Galt Insurance Group. Our people are there to go over you condo master policy with you and help you select the right coverage options for your needs.

Most insurance policies can be difficult to understand and interpret and that is why many people choose Galt Insurance. We are your insurance policy "translators". In addition, our people are independent agents working for you, with your best interests at heart.

An independent insurance agent comparison shops coverage options and brings them to you. This provides you with the right choices and lowest premiums. It's so easy to contact us about a no obligation quote on your waterfront condominium insurance. Just fill out the quote form and we'll contact you. For more info, call 1-844-BUY-GALT.


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