"Awesome, first class service."

- Michael Zahaby (Bonita Springs, FL)

"Very good follow-up and timely execution by Ryan & Staff!"

- Mindy H (Naples, FL)

"John was great to work with for car insurance. Highly professional and quick response time."

- Alexander Ollila (Naples, FL)

"Lindsey was extremely professional, responsive and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her and Galt Insurance!"

- Gary Ingram (Naples, FL)

"Stephen and Chris were very professional and knowledgeable."

- Richard Duveneck (Naples, FL)

"Sarah was very professional and she walked me through signing my new application. I was very pleased with her helping me. She's the Best!!
Thank you, Sarah."

- Charles Chaney (Rocky River, OH)

"Kristen Gibbs is so comprehensive in her explanations. It is always a pleasurable experience."

- Joan Giocondi (Lakewood Ranch, FL )

"I like the service agents are provided. Very knowledgeable and experienced staff."

- Roman Yashorin (Naples, FL)

"It was easy to sign up. As with any insurance company, we will see how it goes but for now the sign up and telephone contact experience has been pleasant." 

- Michael Haller (Naples, FL)

"Ryan has been my agent for about 8 years and has always responded quickly and helped me determine the best homeowner's insurance coverage for my personal needs."

- Anne Jones (Plantation, FL)

"It was easy to sign up. As with any insurance company, we will see how it goes but for now the sign up and telephone contact experience has been pleasant."

- Mike Haller (Naples, FL)

"We moved to Naples as part time residents in March 2021. We became full time residents in May 2022. It was the best decision we have made in over 35 years. Another great decision we made was to transfer all of our insurances to Galt Insurance Group and the team of Lindsey Rounds and Tamara Reckeweg. We have our homeowners, automobile, flood and jewelry insurance through them. Their service has been outstanding. Their knowledge of insurance underwriters and coverages have been better any carrier we have used over the past 45 years.

Whenever we have a question about any of our insurance policies or needs, we contact them and if they are not immediately available, we get a call back within an hour. That was even the case during the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. It has been somewhat overwhelming relocating from Illinois, which is over 1,300 miles away. One of the few things that hasn't been overwhelming has been our insurance agency decision and the agents we have servicing our coverages. Thanks to Lindsey and Tamara for such over the top service."

- Ed & Jan Gvazdinskas (Naples, FL)

"Ryan has been my agent for about 8 years and has always responded quickly and helped me determine the best homeowner's insurance coverage for my personal needs"

- Anne Jones (Plantation, FL)

"Easy and perfect."

- William Howell (Naples, FL)

"Great agency, easy to communicate with, good advice , professional staff."

- Ken Borovich ( Bingham Farms, MI)

"Lindsey Rounds is phenomenal. She saved us $18k with no reduction in coverage. Super proactive in helping us get our coverage switched over. Easy breezy.

- FD Wilder (Naples, FL)

"We found the staff to be knowledgeable, competent, friendly and efficient."

- John Newton (Naples, FL)

"Great agency. "

- Kitty Stock (Port Charlotte, FL)

"Great customer service!"

-John Mathieu (Naples, FL)

"I always feel confident working with Galt Insurance Group....get prompt replies...very friendly and professional....I'll always recommend them."

- Jack Cohen (Naples, FL)

"I called Kristen Gibbs after a neighbor told me I was paying too much for my homeowners insurance. She was very polite and efficient and was able to change my insurance within 1 week and save me $4000 a year and I got better coverage! I would highly recommend Kristen and the Galt Insurance company!"

- Frank Troha ( Marco Island, FL)

"I have been using Galt Insurance Group since 2018 and specifically Mike Pynnonen, our insurance professional. I am very happy with Mike's service and the insurance options he presents for my specific needs."

- Peter DeMarco (Naples, FL)

"Ryan Reynolds has been very helpful and professional."

- David Karp (Naples, FL)

"When my credit union that is holding my mortgage sent me a letter saying I had to provide proof of sufficient floor insurance because FEMA rezoned my home as a flood zone. I was confused. I already had floor insurance from Galt Insurance. When I called the credit union, I informed them I already have flood insurance and to check my records. They told me that they do not have time to check everyone's record and it was up to me to prove it. I sent the letter to Sarah and Lindsey at Galt Insurance and they sent my credit union a copy of my insurance. The bank told informed them that I did not have enough insurance according to FEMA standards. From that point on, Sarah and Lindsey corresponded with my credit union several times, and finally came up with the amount that the credit union would be satisfied with. When I first received the letter from my credit union, I thought, "I don't have time for this red tape". After speaking with Sarah at Galt Insurance, and her telling me they will take care of this, I was so surprised and relieved. Thank you Galt Insurance for employees like Sarah and Lindsey that went over and beyond I ever imagined to take care of this for me."

- Thomas Stork (Bonita Springs, FL)

"Kristen was amazing to work with. She made looking around for new car insurance stressless. I am very happy with the plan she recommended to me and how quickly and efficiently she works. 100% recommend."

- Jennifer Brereton (Bonita Springs, FL)

"Ryan Reynolds has been very helpful and professional."

- David Karp (Naples, FL)

"Lindsey Rounds is Great!"

- Jeanne McMurray (Naples, FL)

"Amazing customer service! Kristen Gibbs is thorough, responsive, and helpful. I can't recommend her enough."

- Kristyn Waters (Naples, FL)

"Go to Galt Insurance and ask for Kristen for your insurance needs.
They beat the competition."

- David Milanowski (Naples, FL)

"I highly recommend him for all your insurance needs." 

- Frank Falcone (Naples, FL)

"Galt and Lindsey and her team always do a great job - courteous, on top of things and great communicators."

- Steve Murphy (Marco Island, FL)

"Mike and team are responsive, knowledgeable and provide recommendations and insights that are invaluable in helping evaluate risk and cost of insuring such risks."

- Scott Harmsen  (Naples, FL)

"Quick response, very helpful."

- Michael McKean (Naples, FL)

"Amazing to work with! Fast and efficient."

- Pamela Maher (Naples, FL)

"I have always gotten a prompt response and honest answers from Ryan and now, Makayla in my years with Galt Insurance."

-  Eileen Macaione (Naples, FL)

"John Rounding was very helpful in my quest to get HO6 insurance when all of the other agencies could not find an insurance companies that were writing policies because of Hurricane Ian. He also made changes to my policy when my wife wanted to make the change because she had concerns. He was most professional and a pleasure to work with."

- John O'Connell (Naples, FL)


- Mike Bailey (Naples, FL)

"Best in service to the client."

-  Jack Fulmer (Naples, FL)

"Cali was very pleasant, good phone voice, quite informed and efficient. She is a very valuable employee!"

- Sharon Hinton (Estero, FL)

"Lindsey R been wonderful during the process of acquiring condo insurance. Knowledgeable, helpful and responds quickly"

- Michele Hensler (Naples, FL)

"Lindsey Rounds is the Bomb! She has been incredibly professional and prompt with all of our insurance needs. I wouldn't go anywhere else for insurance! Thanks Lindsey!"

- Rachael Magro (Deerfield Beach, FL)

"Tamara Reckeweg and the whole team at Galt Insurance is the best. She was able to lower my rates and increase my coverage. She is the ultimate professional and is bilingual. Give her a call for all of your insurance needs."

- Erik Miller (Fort Myers, FL)

"Always a pleasure working with Mike and the Galt team."

- Steve Arco (Naples, FL)

"Kristen was terrific to deal with. Great price, prompt response. As a retired former insurance agent, I absolutely appreciate her friendly attitude and would have loved to have her working in my former agency. Well done!"

- Thomas Waldbillig (Naples, FL)

"Just had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with Sara Barcarolo over at Galt Insurance on 5th Ave in Naples. They have a great company and awesome customer service. She was very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend Sara and Galt Insurance to anyone."

- Kyle DeCorrevont (Naples, FL)

"Galt is great! Milenny Lee contacted me right away and found a much better premium for my homeowner’s insurance, much lower than my previous insurance premium, and lower than the recent increase! Highly recommend."

- Susan Peters (Naples, FL)

"Go to Galt Insurance and ask for Kristen for your insurance needs. They beat the competition."

- David Milanowski (Naples, FL)

"Galt Insurance is personal and professional. Their staff and service are excellent."

- Lee Bunn (Naples, FL)

"Kristen was terrific to deal with. Great price, prompt response. As a retired former insurance agent, I absolutely appreciate her friendly attitude and would have loved to have her working in my former agency. Well done!"

- Thomas Waldbillig (Naples, FL)

"John Rounding was extremely helpful! He was able to find us better coverage at a better price for our homeowners policy (and I only gave him 24 hour notice). He was responsive and personable. We will be looking to move our other policies with Galt Insurance as they come up for renewal. Working with an independent insurance agent that represents multiple carriers and understands your needs overall is the best way to go. "

-Desiree Smith (Naples, FL)

"Great Service!"

- William VanArtsdalen, Jr. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Galt Insurance Group has always done a superb job caring for my insurance needs. Mike Pynnonen is extremely responsive to all of My requests and does it promptly."

- James Reid (Naples, FL)

"Trevor was very helpful."

- Rich Living (Naples, FL)

"Kristen Gibbs is amazing at what she does! We could not have asked for a more knowledgeable, friendly, patient insurance agent to help us with our insurance needs."

- Tiffany Matteau (Naples, FL)

"I just have to leave a comment about the absolutely amazing job that Kristen Gibbs did for us in procuring an insurance policy that seems to fit our needs at the moment. Kristen was always available to answer questions and help us. She spoke at length with underwriters to explain our particular needs and as I mentioned procure the policy that I hope meets our needs for this year, and hopefully the future. Thank you Kristen, and Thank you Galt Insurance."

- Carlene Ridley (Ontario, Canada) 

"I have had two homes insured by The Galt Insurance Group in Naples FL. for the last several years. This included during the last hurricane when everybody was very busy taking care of claims. The people at Galt were very professional, courteous and always prompt."

- Roy Dale (Naples, FL)

"After 17 yrs with the same homeowners insurance company with no claims, they doubled the cost of my policy. Galt Insurance quickly found an A rated company with rates several hundred dollars less than the one I had. Thank you Galt Insurance!"

- Chellie Doepke (Naples, FL)

"Kristin is extremely helpful and was patient in answering all of my questions as a first time homeowner!"

- Julia Audit (Naples, FL)

"Kristin was very helpful, guiding us through this process. Coming from New England much of this is new to us. Thank you for all the help."

- Rory Warren (Naples, FL)

"Outstanding support. Answered all questions promptly."

- Ken Hilbert (Naples, FL)

"Makayla and Ryan are the BEST!"

- Kim Cooley  (Vero Beach, FL)

"I have worked with the team at Galt Insurance Group since their early days. I've watched them grow into an industry leader. Customer service has never suffered as they have expanded because Christian has built a strong and stable leadership team."

- Diane Pisani (Naples, FL)

"Easy to work with and they truly pay attention to detail!"

- Ted Berg (Naples, FL)


- Mel Biondi (Naples, FL)

"Problem free transaction with excellent customer service."

- Harry Fine (Avon, CT)

"I decided to switch to Galt Insurance Group after being unsatisfied with the level of service from my former agent. After reading many positive reviews I went to Kristen Gibbs as my broker. It has been a great pleasure working with her. She is professional and very responsive to my needs. I had several questions and she got back to me immediately with answers and she was able to get me into better Homeowners and Flood policies than I had previously in less than 2 days. I had been requesting this of my former agent for over a month without success. So far I am very impressed with Kristen and Galt Insurance Group."

- John Van Slyke (Naples, FL)

"Super easy to deal with and extremely competitive!"

- Jeffrey OSullivan (Forked River, NJ)

"Courteous, professional, knowledgeable and prompt service by Kristen. Competitive rates."

- David & Barbara Sauter (Grand Rapids, MI)

"It's been a real pleasure to work with Kristen at Galt. I am very loyal by nature and have worked with the same agent for a few years now. However, this year homeowners insurance has increased tremendously and my agent just wasn't willing to help me work numbers and percentages, "trimming the fat" where I needed to. Kristen picked up on my need straight away and spent a great deal of time showing me options and pointing out considerations I should make - all in order to make the best decision for my family, the protection of our home, as well as my budget. It was that effort and dedication that showed me what I can expect as her client...and now I'm grateful to be one of them! Thank you, Kristen. :-)"

- Valerie Parker (Naples, FL)

"Great service by Mike Pynnonen!"

- Karen Gilbert (Naples, FL)

"Wouldn't use any other!"

- Susan Baun (Naples, FL) 

"Thanks for handling my insurance needs while I am abroad!"

- Karen Rauch Carter (Naples, FL)

"Responsive and very good follow up!"

- Russell Ragland (Naples, FL)

"Very efficient and professional"

- Amy Martin (Naples, FL)

"I was introduced to Mike in 2015 by my real estate attorney. Over the years, Mike has always given me the best advise, even when it didn't benefit him. In January I called him because my homeowners (not with Galt) went up 30%. As always I contacted Mike to see if this was reasonable given the current insurance climate. He put me together with Kristen. She asked all the right questions, had their inspector out to see the building as we just got a new roof. She called and asked if I had a Wind Mitigation report. Yes. Sent it in, received a discount. Then she asked if I had a Sprinkler report from Naples Fire Protection. Yes again. Another discount. I ended up with better coverage for half the cost. Thank you, Kristen for everything. It was a true pleasure working with you."

- Cathie Kempf (Naples, FL)

"Easy, thorough, professional, and cordial."

- Nicholas Zocchi (Miami Beach, FL)

"My Galt team, consisting of Lindsey, Tamara and Sarah, has been consistently knowledgeable, helpful, proactive and professional. It is a pleasure working with them."

- Jan Nicholson (Naples, FL)

"Easy, thorough, professional, and cordial."

- Nicholas Zocchi (Miami, FL)

"Very responsive and professional staff... very pleased.. Thanks Trevor!"

- ComfortCool Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC (Naples, FL)

"Lindsey is great! Courteous, efficient, timely and always professional. Easy to work with and gets it done fast"

- Steve Murphy (Marco Island, FL)

"Kristen from Galt insurance was wonderful. If you are looking for insurance in Florida, please call Kristen at Galt insurance - she is the best!"

- Julie Younan (Naples, FL)

"Kristen got us out of a tight spot that a previous agent put us in. Kristen had little time to get us difficult to obtain insurance but she worked quickly and diligently and saved us from possible liability exposure."

- Karen Daniel (Naples, FL)

"Called Galt to exchange a vehicle on my policy. My account manager was out of the office and Calianna Robinson said she would handle the transaction. She was pleasant , professional , and responsive. She completed the transfer in minutes and had our new card emailed. Thank you Cali; you are the reason I use Galt insurance and will continue to do so."

- Jack Kallet (Fort Myers, FL)

"Very knowledgeable polite and professional agent that walked me through complex insurance issues."

- Bruce Heugel (Palm Coast, FL)

"Great Service"

- Robert Jack (Naples, FL)

"Great service! Very Professional!"

- CW Dixon (Naples, FL)

"I am a local Realtor and I have been happily referring my customers to Kristin Gibbs at Galt Insurance for the last year. I have even now switched over all of my own insurance to Galt and specifically with Kristin. My customers have always given rave reviews for Kristin's responsiveness, knowledge and professionalism."

- Laurie Albanos (Naples, FL)

"I have used Galt Insurance for many years, and I am very pleased with their personal service and quick response."

- Jackie Belcher (Naples, FL)

"I found Lindsey to be very knowledgable and attentive. I was very pleased with my experience working with her."

- Raleigh Horne (Bonita Springs, FL)

"Excellent experience and we will use you in the future when we return to FL!"

- Elizabeth Polli (Naples, FL)

"Lindsey & Daniela rock! They handle all of my personal and business insurance needs. They will find us the best coverage for the best rate possible. They explain what we need to know. We refer everyone we know to Lindsey. She is the best."

- Tammy Kotch (Bonita Springs, FL)

"Always an excellent experience!"

- Victoria Stavola (Punta Gorda, FL)

"Enjoyed their service."

- Steven Burdick (Kalamazoo, MI)

"Galt Insurance Group is such an efficient, reliable and professional insurance company. GIG is highly recommended for your personal insurance needs."

- Danielle Steward (Naples, FL)

"Mike Pynnonen has always been an outstanding President of Galt Insurance! We have enjoyed working with Mike since day 1! He is always prepared to answer any questions and offers options to our concerns which is truly appreciated. Thank you, Mike!"

- Stephen Krahenbuhl (Naples, FL)

"Personal service. Always responsive."

- Kyle Harrow (Scituate, MA)

"Lindsey Rounds has been our agent several years and has always been professional, knowledgeable and informative. Galt Ins. Group has been great to do business with."

- Peter Garcia (Littleton, CO)

"We recently established residence in Naples, FL. Based on reviews and proximity to my home I chose Galt Insurance. Kristen Gibbs was professional and prompt in writing a policy. So far - so good!"

- James Conway (Naples, FL)

"Galt insurance, specifically Ryan Reynolds is always watching out for our best coverage and price for all our insurance needs. We highly recommend GALT and Ryan to all our friends."

- Rod Ely (Fort Myers, FL)

"Service is excellent and prompt."

- Paul Chapman (New Port Richey, FL)

"Easy to do business with Lindsey Rounds is very knowledgeable about insurance matters, thanks."

- Dan Armstrong (Naples, FL)

"Thus far through signing up with Galt Insurance Group our experience has been really pleasant and easy. Kristen Gibbs has been extremely helpful and responds quickly. Looking forward to working with this agency for a long time."

- Michael Falcone (Naples, FL)

"Ryan consistently responded within 30 minutes. A+ professional service!"

- Melanie Solis (Naples, FL)

"Over the years, we have been very happy with the exceptional service we receive from Mike Pynnonen, Trevor Glisson and Galt Insurance. They really stepped up and helped us with our insurer. They will keep you informed every step of the way. We highly recommend this company. Thanks again."

- Susan R (Naples, FL)

"Mike is awesome always gets the job done."

- Michael Daniel (Naples, FL)

"Ryan and Makayla are professional and timely.. Thank you"

- Tim Kallet (Naples, FL)

"Simply put, Kristen of Galt insurance is an irreplaceable gem! Her demeanor and willingness to help makes friendship a meaningful word. Her service and her willingness to go the extra mile is apparent from the very first hello to the last thank you and goodbye. I wish I had such employees in my law firm! She is an outstanding worker and asset to her office! Truly a pleasure to work with!!"

Guy Sciolla (Blue Bell, PA) 

"Very knowledgeable and responsive."

- Melanie Glisson (Naples, FL)

"Very attentive and knowledgable."

- Ellen Seigel (Naples, FL)

"My homeowners insurance nearly doubled in price this year, so needless to say, it was time to find a new one. I contacted my current agency, Brightway, and Galt to see where I could find the best rate. I had a water loss claim in 2020 which limited my options, some don’t want to take new business with recent claim history. Sara Barcarolo at Galt communicated clearly with me the whole way through and worked hard to find me the best options. She even helped me review the pros and cons of what Brightway was able to offer. In the end, Galt’s option, Florida Family, was the clear winner. It had the best rate: better price than what I had in 2020 with lower deductibles. When I told Brightway I was taking Florida Family’s policy, they actually apologized, stating, Florida family has agency territories and only allows agents in the specific area to bind there. So it looks like Galt has options other companies simply can’t offer. SO happy I contacted Galt and even happier that Sara was the one to assist me. Thank you, Sara!"

- Megan Jo (Naples, FL)

"Kristen is top notch; on the ball; and professional!"

- Kristi Prisco (Fort Myers, FL) 

"I contacted Galt to secure insurance for a Condo and was very pleasantly surprised at the prompt attention and service. I was fortunate to be connected with Kristen. In a very busy time for these transactions she was pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable.
She made the process very smooth and could not have been more helpful."

- Brian Potter (Naples, FL)

"Things you should be made aware of. I contacted Kristen Giibbs, late Friday afternoon 2-26 requesting a quote on condo insurance. So as you know, I also sought a competitive bid; however Kristen came back almost immediately with a quote and also requested a wind mitigation report. She asked and I provided her with the name of the Property Management Co., which she called that day(late around 5:00 pm), and over the weekend submitted a new quote. Late yesterday afternoon, the mortgage company handling my loan urgently requested the details of the homeowners policy, which I assumed was just duplicating my quote. Kristen indicated she would do her best, and sure enough, this morning there sat an email requesting e-signatures. I cannot express my appreciation sufficiently at Kristen's responsiveness to my request, I am very grateful. She, no doubt is a valuable asset to Galt."

- Philip J. Murphy (Asheville, NC)

"Kristen was so helpful with the entire process. We were so impressed with how quickly she responded to our request and guidance for each step. In less than a week she had taken care of all our needs. We look forward to working with her in the future."

- Karen Burns (Lexington, KY)

"Lindsey & Daniella are very knowledgeable and professional. They are on top of all my policies. Wouldn't go anywhere else!"

- Jeff Kotch (Bonita Springs, FL)

"Ryan is always prompt and has a great deal of knowledge about all of their products and insurance needs."

- Kenlyn Gretz (Green Bay, WI)

"I was seeking homeowner's insurance on a new purchase in the Naples, Fl. area. I was referred to the Galt Agency by a family member. Kristen handled my account with great care and professionalism. I am very pleased with the service I received at Galt."

- Fred Schick (North Kingstown, RI)

"Lindsay Rounds is Great!"

- Jeanne McMurray (Naples, FL)

"Kristen was very professional. Her answers were very timely and she was well informed on the products. She went the extra mile to accommodate my timeline."

- Susan Mellen (Naples, FL)

"Galt Insurance Group is such an efficient, reliable and professional insurance company. GIG is highly recommended for your personal insurance needs."

- Danielle Steward (Naples, FL)

"Great service! Ryan takes care of his customers and gets the job done swiftly!"

- Louise Nielsen (Omaha, NE)

"We found the staff to be knowledgeable, competent, friendly and efficient."

- John Newton (Naples, FL)

"If you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable, courteous, competent and responsive agent to guide you through the maze of homeowners, auto and umbrella insurance, Kristen Gibbs will do a superb job for you. Ms. Gibbs answered every question, searched out answers to some obscure questions directly with insurance companies and checked for the best rates and companies to suit our needs. Kristen was in constant and timely communication and took care of every detail from start to finish. Insurance is a necessary product we purchase and I am 100% at ease with the multiple policies we purchased because Kristen recommended options from which to choose to put my mind at ease. This is your contact if you want to know specifics and have 100% satisfaction deciding on which coverage is right for you. Call Kristen and you will be in for a pleasant experience."

- Vicky Tolotti (Naples, FL)

"My father has worked with Galt Insurance for a while and they have always been amazing. Our insurance representative has been Kristen Gibbs for a few years now and she is great. Always going above and beyond to help us with anything that we need. We would definitely recommend Galt Insurance for insurance needs."

Fabiola Garcia (Naples, FL)

"Kristen Gibbs was Courteous, Timely and Provided all that was requested. JOB WELL DONE!"

- Jeff Gorski (Naples, FL)

"The Galt Insurance Group was recommended to me by friends. I called and talked with Kristen Gibbs about home and liability coverage along with wind coverage for my condo. We compared my current coverage through another agency on a direct, apples to apples basis. After Kristen investigated options with various carriers, she found the same coverage with a premium of $300 less annually.

I asked many questions of Kristen and she always responded quickly with answers. Since moving my condo insurances, I am now moving my vehicle coverage to Galt. Kristen is very personable, knowledgeable, and responsive. She is a pleasure to work with."

- Dean Ellinwood (Marco Island, FL)

"We were moving from NH to FL and I found Galt insurance via a google search. I worked with Kristen on auto insurance for our vehicles and she’s been responsive and easy to work with. We’ll likely be moving our homeowners over once the dust settles. I would recommend Kristen and Galt insurance for your insurance needs. A+"

- Ashley Huelsmann (Naples, FL)

"I interact with the polished professionals, at Galt Insurance, regularly regarding my personal and professional insurance needs. I can also refer my friends, and clients, to them with total confidence."

- Diane P. (Naples, FL)

"Mike was a true professional. he worked with me and explained the policies. So that when I signed with him I felt secure that i was getting the best insurance options for the price. Thank you Mike and Galt insurance!"

- Frederick B. (Naples, FL)

"I want to praise Mike Pynnonen and GALT Insurance for a job WELL DONE in helping us secure insurance for our new home in Naples. Mike was recommended by Vito Galatro of Stock Realty and the Joanna Richie @ Taylor Morrison. Mike received a call and email late afternoon Tuesday and by 10 am the next morning, what was a serious issue regarding leased back property insurance was resolved! Mike managed this with GREAT professionalism and sense of urgency while communicating with the bank, title company, closing admins and the new client. Which by the way, we did all this while flying at 34,000 ft on two different flights. Mike is a true professional and I recommend him to anyone who wants insurance DONE RIGHT! Thank you Mike and GALT!"

- Steve L. (Dallas, TX)

"Spent part of my career at the world headquarters of a large insurance co. Mike was professional and knowledgeable, guiding us through every step of the process. Kudos Mike!"

- Steve S. (Lexington, KY)

"Ryan was very efficient and handling things quickly and in a very professional manner."

- Arlene D. (Naples, FL)

"Ryan was recommended by a friend of mine since I was in the market for new homeowners. I right away was feeling served very well. I'll definitely recommend Ryan myself and use him for future insurance needs and questions."

- Daniel D. (Naples, FL)

"Ryan has been extremely helpful. This has been long distance and he has been timely and knowledgeable."

- Richard P. (Naples, FL) 

"Ryan is the best! He helps me with all the details involved in understanding insurance which make me crazy. He is so professional and patient! I appreciate him helping me get the best coverage and also trying to save me money."

- Diana V. (Naples, FL)

"Ryan is awesome, he saved me a lot of money on my homeowners insurance and got me better coverage. Thanks Ryan!"

- Rod E. (Fort Myers, FL) 

"Galt makes insurance easy and affordable with it all being under one roof. Thank you, Kimberly!"

- Dr. Jonathan G. (Naples, FL)

"Galt has great rates and is easy to work with. Thanks!"

- Loraine V. (Bonita Springs, FL)

"I've always been very pleased with the work Mike has done for my car insurance. He's a true professional and works hard for his clients."

- Chris C. (Waco, TX)

"We really have lots of confidence in Mike Pynnonen from Galt Insurance Group. He takes a lot of time to explain things so you can make an informed purchase."

- Chris T. (Holland, OH)

"It's amazing how you can sign documents at 30,000 feet on a flight from Boston to Seattle. It's great to work with Ryan, Galt, and Frontline. You are the best!"

- Hermann K. (Naples, FL) 

"We've used Galt Insurance for several years. Kim Vargas is unfailingly helpful and a pleasure to deal with."

- Norman P. (Naples, FL) 

"I've worked with Ryan for years. He is patient and has great follow-through. I recommend him on a regular basis!"

- Trisch G. (Naples, FL) 

"Quick and very professional.. Thank you Ryan Reynolds!"

- Lylian C. (Sunrise, FL) 

"Ryan was very efficient and helpful in getting the jets insured."

- William N. (Naples, FL) 

"Ryan did a great job for me, improving coverage and lowering premiums!!"

- Doug C. (Rochester Hills, MI) 

"Mike always does a professional job. Great follow-up."

- Alan R. (Fort Myers, FL) 

"Thanks Mike for the fast and professional service! I'm on my new Harley and loving it!"

- Stacey H. (Naples, FL) 

"Mike took care of a new policy on short notice. Thanks!"

- Cecily J. (Naples, FL)

"Ryan did a great job for me and when I get some free time we are going to go over other ins. needs I have."

- Mike L. (Naples, FL)

"Ryan did an excellent job of getting my insurance very quickly for my upcoming closing. It was a pleasure working with him."

- Bob H. (Highland Heights, OH)

"Kim Vargas, Galt Ins office administrator is always so helpful, and is a pleasure to deal with. Very efficient and always on top of everything dealing with our insurance. The best!"

- Andrew B. (Waltham, MA)

"While I haven't worked with Ryan on insurance matters I had the pleasure of helping him through the sale of his home. Not only was it a great experience to work with a genuinely astute business person, but Ryan also has the ability to hold the business to a personal level. I am looking forward to any other business relations Ryan and I will have in the future."

- Alex H. (Fort Myers, FL)

"Ryan Reynolds has been so pleasant and helpful, answering all questions with patience. We are happy to be dealing with him and Galt Insurance."

- Rita D. (Naples, FL)

"Mike Pynnonen is an amazing businessman and representative on behalf of his clientele. Thank you Mike for making our transition to Florida flawless. Your pleasant demeanor and accessibility provide are so appreciated! I have already highly recommended you and will continue to do so in the future."

- Jeannie Z. (Winnetka, IL)

"I am so glad I switched to Galt Insurance Group. Mike Pynnonen has been extremely helpful every time I call and have questions. Great service!!!"

- Andrea H. (Naples, FL)

"Mike Pynnonen is awesome. He was was quick and went the extra mile. When I called about pricing he took time to do the research and not only found me a better price but was smart enough to check the pricing of any upgrades. Heads up all the way. Thanks Mike. I will recommend you and Galt every chance I can."

- Todd G. (Naples, FL)

"I just switched to Galt Insurance this past year and I have been so impressed by their quick and professional service. When shopping for car insurance, Mr. Reynolds gave me a detailed package of what my options were and made the transition smooth and easy. Shopping for insurance in the past for me has process that had been very stressful, however Galt Insurance made a breeze."

- Patti W. (Naples, FL)

"My husband and I recently bought a new home and after several calls and price quotes for home insurance, we knew GIG was the perfect choice! Not only did they have the best rate, they also have top notch customer service. Ryan was great to work with!"

- Lisa W. (Naples, FL)

"Our experience with the Galt Insurance Group has been painless. We are in NY and Galt manages our insurance needs for our property in Florida. Top notch group Thanks."

- Paul R. (Schroon Lake, NY)

"I've been insured with them since September of this year. I have my auto and homeowners insurance through their carriers. Not only were they extremely competitive the customer service is the best bar none I've dealt with Mike for all my issues and his team has been excellent in addressing them. I highly recommend Galt Insurance group for all your insurance needs ."

- John A. (Naples, FL)

"I've been using Galt Insurance for several years now and have consistently gotten the best rates. Also, we had a claim last year, and the insurance company was terrific. Thank you!"

- Jeff C. (Naples, FL)

"As a part-time resident it is not always easy to take care of business when we are 'up North'. Working with Galt Insurance Group has made it extremely easy to take care of all our needs, regardless of where we are. In addition we were able to obtain better coverage while saving money. Thanks!"

- Gayle B. (Phoenixville, PA)

"Galt Insurance has been extremely helpful at every turn. I have dealt with multiple staff there and each was polite and knowledgeable. Thanks for helping with all of my moves."

- Erin H. (Naples, FL)

"Since buying our condo and insuring thru the Galt Agency, our needs, concerns and questions have all been met professionally and timely. Thank you and looking forward to a lasting relationship."

- Robert P. (Naples, FL)

"Mike is our rep at Galt insurance and he is amazing. Last year we purchase our new home and he made sure everything was in order between the mortgage company, the home builder, and the insurance company. He walked us through everything and answered all our questions so that we had peace of mind. After our mortgage company was changed to another company he followed up promptly to ensure everything was done correctly and the appropriate information was on file. Truly great service."

- Janet M. (Parkland, FL)

"The Galt group is hands down the best insurance underwriters.
I have been using their insurance for over 2 years now. Whenever I need anything there are very quick to get back to me with whatever I need."

-- Roger C. (Naples, FL)

"Galt insurance has been there when others were afraid to insure due to proximity to water."

- Evelyn M. (Naples, FL)

"Galt Insurance Group is the best! They always have all the information I need and can resolve any question or problem I ask of them. Thanks for always being there with the information and help I need."

- Cathy D. (Westwood, MA)


"We have been with GIG for quite some time and no other company has ever come close to their level of care and customer service. I highly recommend them for all insurance needs."

- Simon C.

"We have worked with Ryan Reynolds on home owners insurance on both of our home purchases. Galt Insurance has always given us the best customer experience including amazing communication. I have referred Galt Insurance on several occasions and I never have heard a negative comment. Best of all -we always have the best coverage at the lowest cost! Thank You Galt Insurance!"

- Amanda D. (Fort Myers, FL)

"I am grateful for making the switch to Galt Insurance Group. GIG was able to place my family with a better carrier and save us money at the same time."

- Joey Rock, President of 5 Star Valet

"GIG was great! They were able to do everything over the phone and all of our communication was done well after work hours. They finalized everything tonight at 7pm from home. Above and beyond! -Thanks"

- Lisa Battenfield

"Chris, By the way, I wanted to also take a moment to thank you and your insurance office. Your firm works as I do for the good of our clients and not our own. Every client or friend I refer is very happy I did. Thank you,"

- Kelly Capolino, Keating Associates Real Estate Professionals

"I have been a home watch provider for many years. My clients often come to me for recommendations. This responsibility is not taken lightly. I know many of the agents at Galt Insurance Group through professional affiliations. I introduced a couple of my clients to them. They were delighted. Introduced more and received more "thank-yous". When my valued clients are happy, I am happy. Thank-you Galt Insurance Group for giving my clients the high level of service they expect and deserve."

- Diane Westphal, Founder Your Home Watch Professionals

"Ryan Reynolds did a great job educating me about my insurance policy. After speaking with him, I realized I was insured under the wrong policy jeopardizing my chance to recoup compensation in the event of a claim. He handled the transition to the new policy in a very professional manner that caused little inconvenience to myself. I would highly recommend this agent to anyone."

- Robert Fredrick

"I am extremely pleased with the Customer Service I receive through Galt Insurance. Even a simple phone call is routed with professionalism and courtesy and I always feel like a valued and respected Client. I can't thank you enough for taking on my Home Owners switch, even when it meant no commission to your office. I look forward to signing my auto policy with you today and to future business with you as well ."

- Lori Oetting