Do you keep jewelry or special items in your South Florida home? You probably have a homeowner insurance policy and hopefully it covers things like expensive jewelry, fur coats, and other luxury items. However, hoping your valuables are insured is not good enough and you could end up losing those things, if you do not have the right kind of jewelry insurance. Here is an example.

Jeff and Martha B owned a lovely house in Naples and Jeff made sure his insurance agent knew about their jewelry, especially several antique pieces that used to belong to Martha's grandmother. Naturally, if you think your things are insured, you assume they are covered for all kinds of incidents, but this is not the case. Fortunately, Jeff discovered this before it was too late.

Jeff was the service manager at a local car dealership and met a lot of different people during the course of the day. While he was at the counter he overheard two customers talking about home insurance. One man was very upset because he lost some valuable things in his home and he thought his insurance company would reimburse him, but this was not the case. It turned out, his home was flooded and expensive jewelry and art was lost, and his flood insurance didn't cover things like jewelry. In fact, he had very little fine art insurance when it came to flooding.

Jeff became concerned and talked to the men about insurance. To his surprise, one of the men was a local independent insurance agent and he told Jeff to give him a call. Jeff met the agent for a consultation a few days later and learned a great deal about home insurance. The man provided Jeff with an "all perils" coverage policy and extra flood insurance which would pay for his valuable possessions if lost.

Two years later, Martha and Jeff's lovely home was swept over by flooding caused by very hard rains. Many of their belongings were lost and the house suffered an enormous amount of damage. However, because they had the right kind of flood insurance, they were able to rebuild their home and their lives.

What is Jewelry Insurance?

When we speak of insurance for jewelry, we are talking about homeowners insurance designed to protect valuables like jewelry and fine art. This is very important because you might think you have the right kind of protection but you could be wrong.

Who Needs Special Insurance for Art and Jewelry?

Do you own valuables and keep them at home? You could lose these things in a number of different ways. For example, a major storm or flood could literally blow or wash your possessions away. Someone could break into your home and steal them. You need to have all the bases covered when it comes to special insurance.

Does My Standard Home Insurance Cover Art and Jewelry?

Your homeowner insurance will pay for your things if they are mentioned in the policy. However, most policies have a limit for personal possessions and you must let your insurance agent know about special items, so they can be included or you can have a separate jewelry or fine art insurance policy to protect them.

What Options Do I Have for Insurance?

When you take out a home insurance policy you should read it carefully. Better yet, choose an experienced insurance professional like the people you'll find at Galt Insurance Group. We are here to serve your needs and interests with personal service and advice.

Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agency for Jewelry Insurance?

You may have good insurance with a policy is through an insurance company agent. However, there is one major drawback with this situation. Your agent can only give you what is available from his insurance company. There could be much better deals available but he or she does not know about them, and your agent is not there to sell you on the competition. This is simply not good business.

Your independent insurance agent at Galt Insurance Group does not deal with only one insurance company. He or she is independent, which means the brokerage routinely does business with several excellent insurance companies that serve South Florida. This gives you access to a wide range of services and options, which an insurance company employee simply cannot provide.

We offer "all peril" coverage for your possessions. We also provide separate riders for your policy to ensure you have the right protection. Plus, your things can be insured for an "agreed amount" so there will be no problems if you file a loss claim.

Galt Insurance is here to provide you with expert risk management and insurance services for your home or business. We develop a close working relationship with our clients, and you can depend on your independent agent not only for insurance, but for the right kind of assistance if you have to file a claim.

It costs nothing to talk to an independent agent and go over your present and future insurance needs. In fact, you may learn some important things about risk management that could prevent headaches in the future. If you would like a free quote on jewelry or fine art insurance for your home, fill out our quote form and we'll contact you about the quote. You may also call us toll free at 1-844-BUY-GALT.