Why Life Insurance Is Important

Why Life Insurance Is Important

October 17, 2016
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I can't afford it. It's too hard to get it. I will get it later. Wrong, wrong and doubtful. There have never been more excuses in this world than there are for reasons to NOT buy life insurance.

I can't afford it:

Last week I met with a 25 year old gentleman who is engaged to be married next summer. I mentioned that now is the time to secure his life insurance, and I was immediately met with, "I can't afford it." He was extremely surprised to learn that $250,000 in coverage was less than $14 per month. A 35 year old client of mine who just became a father purchased $2,000,000 in life insurance for $85 per month. In a society where we spend more than $100 per month for specialty coffee or on our cell phone bill, we are still finding validity to the excuse that life insurance is too expensive. This is not at all a conversation of affordability as it is more of priority. What is most important to you? Is it getting that extra 2 GB of data from your cell phone provider or is securing the financial future of your loved ones in the event of a sudden and untimely death?

It is hard to get:

It is no more difficult to get life insurance than it is to get car insurance. An application is completed, submitted and underwriting will then review for a final decision. There is no obligation, no charge, no pressure to submit an application. The entire process from getting a quote to the issuance of a policy can take as little as 3 days.

I will get it later:

I hear this excuse often. The vast majority of people that use this excuse have no intention of getting life insurance and just keep kicking that can down the road. Consider this....waiting one year to buy your life insurance might just be one year too late. Costs increase as you get older and your insurability may change over time with the onset of a medical condition. Secure your best rate today and capture your insurability while it is available.

My apologies if the tone of this blog is a bit in your face. Make no mistake, my passion is not a sales pitch. I have seen too many families ruined financially when the bread winner dies unexpectedly. Call an agent of Galt Insurance Group today and get your free, custom, no hassle life insurance quote! Make your family your #1 priority starting now!