Which Health Insurance Plan Is Right For Me?

Which Health Insurance Plan Is Right For Me?

October 31, 2016
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Open enrollment for 2017 is upon us! So roll up your sleeves, tape your ankles and pack a lunch.... this won't be easy!

More than ever, I STRONGLY encourage everyone to seek advice from a licensed health insurance agent when navigating your health insurance choices for 2017. While you can certainly visit www.HealthCare.gov to shop available plans and rates in your area, you will likely have many questions. Which company is best? Is an HMO or PPO my best bet? Does your doctor accept the plan? Am I eligible for a tax subsidy? Call Galt Insurance Group and allow us to help walk you through this landmine filled terrain. Do not make a decision you will regret in March, only to learn you are stuck with a plan that does not work for you.

Regardless of your political views on the Affordable Care Act...aka "Obama Care", I think it is fair to say that it has its pros and cons. The shining light and elephant in the room today is the rising costs and what to do about it. Each candidate has his and her own plan and we may see some changes in 2018, but for now, we all need to focus on the 2017 open enrollment, which will end on December 15th in order to get a plan to take effect on January 1st.

At Galt Insurance Group, we understand the sensitivity you are feeling as it relates to your health care and the rising cost. Allow our knowledgeable, trained and licensed sales agents work with you on this ever important matter.