My Dog Is A Good Boy... I Don't Need Animal Liability!

My Dog Is A Good Boy... I Don't Need Animal Liability!

March 31, 2017
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Why would you pay $25 per year for animal liability insurance? Your dog is a good boy....he is old.....he is small.....he never bites! No reason to concern yourself with animal liability insurance, right? Wrong.

The average dog-related injury in 2014 was $32,072 according to a recent USA Today article. You must remember that your dog is an animal with instincts to protect himself. Just because he has never bitten in the past is not a reason to assume it will never happen. Your house has never burned you not carry fire insurance? I know what you are thinking.... this is just another way for the insurance company to get more of your money for something that will never happen. Okay, let's assume you are right and that your dog will never bite someone. Consider the following scenarios of "good" dogs that could lead to an animal liability lawsuit:

  • Your small dog gets tangled up in the neighbors feet causing him or her to fall and break an arm.
  • Your Golden Retriever while running and playing with the neighborhood kids jumps and scratches a child leading to an infection
  • Your playful Jack Russell runs after someone riding their bicycle and that person becomes frightened and crashes the bike resulting in injuries.

Animal liability is not only for the "bad" dogs, it is for all dogs. Protect yourself, your family and all those that come in contact with your furry friend and get the necessary coverage.

Call or email your agent today and ask if you have the coverage. If not, get a quote to add it. If your agent cannot offer the coverage, call an agent at Galt Insurnace Group. It is always our goal to properly educate you on all pitfalls and protect you accordingly.