How To Prevent Water Damage

How To Prevent Water Damage

November 09, 2016
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It can happen in the blink of an eye and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. Water damage is among the highest reported causes of loss in the home, resulting in the #1 claim in Florida. The high rate of claims has forced insurance carriers to amend policy language to put more responsibility on the homeowner to make certain that the home is being properly maintained. With less favorable policy language for the homeowner, and high deductibles it is more important than ever to stay current with the maintenance of your home's plumbing.

The Institute for Business and Home Safety has identified 9 areas of your home where water damage is most likely to occur. We recommend creating a plan to inspect the following areas annually:

  • Water Heater - Flush and change anode rode if necessary
  • Sinks and tubs -- Replace any cracked or missing caulking
  • P Traps - Clean out.
  • Garbage Disposal - Clean regularly by running vinegar ice cubes through it
  • Refrigerator - Inspect water line and change filter
  • Toilets - Inspect and replace any deteriorating supply lines and shut off valves
  • Washing Machine - Inspect and replace supply lines if necessary. Replace every 5 years, but sooner if necessary.
  • Roof -- Clean debris off of roof and out of gutters
  • A/C - Get regular maintenance to ensure system is working properly. We recommend signing a maintenance agreement with a local technician for 2 annual visits.

it is always important to remember that your insurance policy is not a warranty and that maintenance and upkeep of your property is your responsibility. Contact a local Plumber, Air Conditioning Company, and Roofer for assistance with any of the above maintenance requests.

For a comprehensive review of your insurance policy to make certain that you do have comprehensive water damage coverage, contact an agent with Galt Insurance Group today!