At Your Service!

At Your Service!

October 22, 2018
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Whether you are a long-time client to Galt Insurance Group, new client or even a prospective client, you may not be aware of what goes on behind the scenes after you speak with your agent that issues your new insurance policy. I'm pleased to share with you that we have an amazing Client Service Team who is making sure that your experience is seamless. We're submitting your signed applications to underwriting, following up with mortgage companies to make sure your payment is on its way, and always looking for the best possible coverage and discounts available to you.

Our service team members pride themselves on delivering personalized customer service in a way that is comfortable and easy to do business with our clients. It may seem uncomfortable when you are reaching out to your agent and they are not immediately available to speak with you, but rest assured we have Account Administrators on hand who work directly with your agent every single day, and I have to say after having the pleasure of leading this Client Service Team -- we've got some amazing people on hand to help you!

If you ever visit our office, it may seem quiet but that's only because we are all working diligently to make sure each client we are serving is receiving our full individualized attention. But, make no mistake, our team is a family here at "GIG" and our clients are every bit a part of that family as well.

My role as Vice President of Client Services is one that I live and breathe 24/7. I always welcome feedback for us to grow and improve as an agency, and am the first to jump in to help out whenever needed. Thank you for your trust and business, and out entire staff is looking forward to continuing the great relationships we're building in this beautiful community.