Are You Paying Attention?

Are You Paying Attention?

January 01, 2021
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Did you get married? Move? Have a child? Put a new roof on your house? Or, maybe you bought a new puppy! Did you remember to call your insurance agent and have the conversation with him or her? Chances are, you like most people only think about your insurance agent when a claim needs to be filed. The unfortunate reality is that often times coverage may not be available, simply because you did not inform your agent of your evolving household.

Think about it.... we insure your home (the asset), but we also insure you (liability). Recently I was made aware from a client that has 2 dogs during a recent conversation. I asked her how old her dogs were and when she obtained them. I was surprised to discover that these dogs have been in her possession for the past 3 years! When we originally wrote the policy, we did not include coverage for animal liability, but now that she has dogs, this $29 endorsement will protect her against animal liability law suits.

As insurance agents we walk a fine line in doing our best to always stay current with your ever changing household and not bothering you with too many requests. Below are some items that should trigger a conversation with your insurance agent:

  • Updates to your home (roof, plumbing, electrical, A/C, and renovations)
  • Changes in how the property is titled
  • New members to your household
  • Someone has moved out of your home
  • New pet
  • A child that has received his / her driver's license
  • New Alarm System

You should not only be keeping your agent up to date at the time of a household change, but also performing a full policy review 45 days before each renewal. Allow an agent at Galt Insurance Group to become your trusted point of contact. Stop leaving your financial future to chance with an agent that is not keeping his or her eye on the ball.