Am I Covered For That?

Am I Covered For That?

March 03, 2017
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Ever wonder why your insurance policy is thicker than Tolstoy's War and Peace? It is because your insurance policy has definitions, coverage language, policy conditions, exclusions and endorsements. Should you rush home to read your insurance policy? Maybe. I might first suggest opening a bottle of wine :)

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself that you are not familiar with your own insurance policy, don't are in the majority. I think it is important for consumers to understand the basics of their insurance policy, but to not concern themselves with becoming an expert. Odds are that most of the language in an insurance policy will never apply to you. I recommend the following:

  • Have a good, basic understanding of your insurance policy.
  • Have an agent you can count on to answer questions for you along the way
  • Keep a copy of your policy nearby as a reference point
  • Speak with your agent annually to discuss market conditions and changes in your household

Your insurance policy is one of the greatest tools of asset protection you own, so don't ever leave it to chance. Take a vested interest in your coverage and work with your agent to design a plan that works best for you and your budget.

Don't be that person that only considers price. Take the time to understand the coverage and search for the best value...not price.

Galt Insurance Group is dedicated to educating its clients on the nuances of the Florida property insurance market. If you have questions about your policy call an agent at Galt today for a free, no hassle, comprehensive review.